Classes & Announcements this Week:

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11/17/14 Announcements:

  • Pre-order your 2015 Sun Dragon calendar now. There will not be many extras printed so be sure you have one by pre-ordering. Sign up at the dojo or email Senpai Laura. The calendar is the best way to keep track all the important Sun Dragon dates (karate promotions, special events, self defense workshops, summer/winter uniform times, etc.)
  • Remember, it’s Winter Uniform Season now. This means wear your gi top. If you do not have one or need a new one, please talk to Sensei or a Senpai.
  • Promotions:  Adults Wed Nov 19, 7:30pm // Juniors Mon Nov 24, 4:30pm // Youth Mon Nov 24, 5:30pm
  • If you are promoting, don’t forget to turn in your application. Due to the dojo, on paper, two days before your test (Mon 11/17 for adults, Sat 11/22 for juniors/youth).


Upcoming Promotions: Wed 11/19 & Mon 11/24

We’re looking forward to upcoming promotions!

Wednesday 11/19: Adults–7:30pm

Monday 11/24: Juniors–4:30pm // Youth–5:30pm

These are formal occasions so if you are participating in the promotion, please wear a full Seido uniform (white gi pants, Seido t-shirt, gi top with patches, and your belt of course).

Family, friends, and students not promoting are all very welcome to come watch, clap, and take pictures. Senior students are encouraged to attend (in uniform) in case you are needed to partner in with the promoters. Please contact the dojo if you have any questions (512-416-9735,

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New Member Special

Contact us to schedule your first class.

Ready to try something new? Seido karate at Sun Dragon will strengthen, empower, and challenge you! Our New Member Special includes:

  • Two months of unlimited training
  • A uniform and patches
  • 1 year membership in the World Seido Organization

That’s everything you need to start on your way to black belt. As a non-profit, we’ll never ask you to sign a contract, and we offer scholarship and work-study opportunities. We never turn anyone away for inability to pay. Check out our schedule and rates to see what classes will fit your life, then contact us to schedule your first class. We look forward to welcoming you to Sun Dragon!


Things That Happen to all Sun Dragons

Our own Summer Cacciotti penned a humorous and factual list of things that eventually happen to all Sun Dragons. Enjoy!

Things that eventually happen to all Sun Dragons

On a long enough time line, everyone will eventually:

1. Learn to bow, and bow, and bow. Then bow some more.
2. Shamelessly copy a more senior student’s movements.
3. Cringe when someone walks on the training floor in shoes.
4. Do something you never thought you could do.
5. Do something you never imagined you would want to do.
6. Be corrected on a point of etiquette you were unaware of.
7. Enjoy a sparkling clean dojo after a big soji day.
8. Forget your water bottle at the dojo.
9. Feel happier about a water break than you would a happy hour.
10. Tangle up your arms while blocking.
(Read on …)