Classes & Announcements this Week:

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7/21/14 Announcements:

  • We are back from National Women’s Martial Arts Federation camp tired but rejuvenated and full of great ideas.
  • Personal Safety & Self Empowerment workshop is less than 2 weeks away. There are still some spaces, sign up now and tell a friend (more info below).

Upcoming Workshop: Teen & Adult, All Genders

On Sunday, August 3, from 1:00 – 4:00 pm, we will be holding an basic personal safety & self-empowerment workshop for all genders, ages 15 and up. We encourage parents/ friends/ mentors to come and learn self-defense alongside their teen(s).

Description: We teach from a self-empowerment and social justice framework where we believe that safety and respect are every person’s right. We will disc

uss and practice ways to use your body and voice to feel stronger, safer, and more confident in everyday life, as well as potentially dangerous situations. Practice scenarios will include: school, work, dating/relationships, social situations, and public situations. Participants will leave the course with a variety of options for assertiveness, deescalation, and intervention. Click here to register.

Cost is $35 for one person, $50 for two, $75 for three, or $25 for current Sun Dragon students.  Need-based fee reductions available. Email or call 512-416-9735 for more information.

Why We Believe Self Defense Training is Important for Everyone

Lately we’ve been hearing talk on the Internet about whether self defense classes are part of the problem or part of the solution. Some people say that self defense sends the message that women are trapped by fear. Or that self defense implies that it’s women’s responsibility to not get hurt. At Sun Dragon, we wholeheartedly agree that it is the responsibility of people who act violently to stop being violent. But we don’t agree that this means we should stop helping people feel stronger and more confident speaking out and acting out when they encounter a violent, or potentially violent, situation. This is why we teach self defense to people of all ages and all genders; it’s why we focus so much on “the little things” (microaggressions) that people encounter everyday. We believe that physical and emotional safety is everyone’s right AND working towards a peaceful, respectful society is everyone’s responsibility.

 Why do we consider self defense training so important?
  • Our class may be the first time someone hears, “If someone hurt you, it was not your fault, no matter what.”
  • Our class may be the first time someone hears, “If you are targeted for violence or abuse, you have options and you get to decide how you want to respond.”
  • Our class may be the first time someone hears, “You have the right to feel strong, safe, and respected in all situations–and when you don’t, you have the right to act.”
  • Our class may be the first time someone hears, “In a healthy relationship -at home, work, school, everywhere- both people listen to and respect the other.”
  • Our class may be the first time someone who has been told he or she is weak and powerless feels strength and power surge through her/his body.
  • Our class may be the first time someone hears, “Targeted violence like sexual assault and hate crimes are a societal issue so we all have a responsibility to help change our society.”
  • Our class may be the first time someone practices skills to interrupt sexism, racism, homophobia, and other discrimination when she/he sees it happening.
  • Our class may be the first time someone hears, “If someone tells you they’ve been hurt, here are ways to support them that don’t interrogate or shame them.”
Still curious about what we do and how we do it? Come to a workshop and see for yourself!

New Member Special

Contact us to schedule your first class.

Ready to try something new? Seido karate at Sun Dragon will strengthen, empower, and challenge you! Our New Member Special includes:

  • Two months of unlimited training
  • A uniform and patches
  • 1 year membership in the World Seido Organization

That’s everything you need to start on your way to black belt. As a non-profit, we’ll never ask you to sign a contract, and we offer scholarship and work-study opportunities. We never turn anyone away for inability to pay. Check out our schedule and rates to see what classes will fit your life, then contact us to schedule your first class. We look forward to welcoming you to Sun Dragon!


Things That Happen to all Sun Dragons

Our own Summer Cacciotti penned a humorous and factual list of things that eventually happen to all Sun Dragons. Enjoy!

Things that eventually happen to all Sun Dragons

On a long enough time line, everyone will eventually:

1. Learn to bow, and bow, and bow. Then bow some more.
2. Shamelessly copy a more senior student’s movements.
3. Cringe when someone walks on the training floor in shoes.
4. Do something you never thought you could do.
5. Do something you never imagined you would want to do.
6. Be corrected on a point of etiquette you were unaware of.
7. Enjoy a sparkling clean dojo after a big soji day.
8. Forget your water bottle at the dojo.
9. Feel happier about a water break than you would a happy hour.
10. Tangle up your arms while blocking.
(Read on …)