Recent Promotions

We’ve been running promotions by appointment over Zoom! Here we have some of our latest promotion essays and photos – we’re so proud of our teachers and students for keeping our community and classes alive even though we can’t meet in person. Promoting on your own is very challenging, and all of our students have met this challenge-head on!

In the adult program, each promotion also involves a personal essay reflecting on a certain topic in martial arts, and/or a topic in social justice and history. While we train in Seido karate, Sun Dragon has an unwavering commitment to using our nonviolent martial arts and Empowerment Self Defense education as a vessel to heal and improve our communities, as well as a commitment to fight for those that need our help. Here are some of our most recent essays:

Janice – Advanced Brown Belt Promotion Essay

Angie – Brown Belt Promotion Essay

Emily – Brown Belt Promotion Essay

Randi – Advanced Blue Belt Essay

Bri – Advanced Blue Belt Essay