Week of Sept 13 – 19

Some of our classes have changed. Please check the online schedule for complete details.

Colored belt promotions! Everyone is welcome to join us and cheer on the testers.

  • Wednesday, September 13: Little Dragons & Juniors Promotions at 4:30pm
    • Little Dragons class will take place as scheduled
  • Wednesday, September 13: Youth Promotions at 5:30pm
    • Teen/Adults Sparring Skills class will be cancelled that day

Thursday, Sept 14 at 7:30pm: Advanced Adults class for Adults Green and up taught by Senpai KJ.

Sunday, Sept 17: CASA Superhero Run at the Domain. Senpai Laura could use a couple more helpers to hand out flyers, answer questions, and assist participants in breaking boards. Contact Senpai Laura if you are interested.

Mark your calendars for upcoming events:

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