Week of Nov 1 – 7

Pretesting for colored belt promotions continues until November 4. Everyone is invited to watch the  promotions and cheer on the testers.

  • Saturday, 11 Nov at 10:15am: Little Dragons and Juniors
    • Little Dragons class will take place as scheduled
  • Saturday, 11 Nov at 11am: Youth
    • Advanced Youth class will take place as scheduled
  • Thursday, 16 Nov at 6:30pm: Adults

This Thursday, November 2 at 7:30pm: First Thursday Self Defense Special Topics taught by Sensei Joy. Everyone who has completed our introductory Self Defense workshop is eligible to attend.

Winter Uniform season begins Monday, Nov 6. All students will be required to wear full uniforms. If you need a new gi top, please check with the office now. Students blue and up should have patches on their uniforms as well.

Mark your calendars for upcoming events:

  • 9 Nov, 7:30pm — Board Meeting
  • Nov 22 – 25: Thanksgiving Holiday
  • Dec 9, 10am-1pm: Youth Black Belt Test
  • Dec 22 – Jan 1: Winter Holiday
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