Week of March 27 – April 2

Sensei Joy, Senpai KJ, Senpai Graham, Senpai Laura, and Senpai Vanessa will be in New York April 4 – 8 for Black Belt Promotions at Honbu. We are all cheering them on as Senpais KJ and Graham test for Yondan (4th degree) and Senpai Vanessa tests for Nidan (2nd degree)! Class changes are listed below:

  • Wednesday, 4 Apr
    • 6:30pm: Adult All Levels
    • 7:30pm: No Class
  • Thursday, 5 Apr
    • 4:30pm: Youth All Levels
    • 5:30pm: Open Practice (Youth Brown & Up)
    • 6:30pm: Adult All Levels
    • 7:30pm: No Class
  • Saturday, 7 Apr
    • 11:00am: Youth All Levels
    • 12:00pm: Open Practice (Youth Green & Up, Adult Colored Belts)
    • 1:00pm: Adult All Levels
    • 2:00pm: No Class

Sign up now for Summer Camp! August 13-17, 8:45am-5:15pm. Open to kids elementary and middle school school age — this is open to everyone, not just karate students. There is a discount for signing up before April 15th, so don’t wait!

Mark your calendars for upcoming events:

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