Week of July 3 – 10

Pretesting for colored belt promotions starts ​Thursday, July 12​, and runs through Saturday, July 21. If you have any questions about pretesting, ask Sensei Joy or one of the instructors. Everyone is invited to join us at the promotions and cheer on the testers!

Sunday, July ​29​, 3​-​6​pm: ​Violence Prevention for Young Women and Teens for people who identify as women and girls, high school aged and up. This workshop addresses topics young women must increasingly navigate — gender-based harassment, creating healthy relationships, school and work environments.
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Mark your calendars for upcoming events:

  • July 5, 7:30pm: Adult Advanced Class​
  • Ju​ly 1​2, 7:30pm: Board Meeting
  • July 26, 6:30pm: Adult Promotion
  • July 28, 10:15am: Kids’ Promotions
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