Senpai KJ Scheib

Senpai KJ began studying Kyokushin karate in 1999 under Sun Dragon founder Sensei Suzanne Pinette. In 2001, patient KJ reduced her karate training schedule in order to join the Women’s Profession Football League (WPFL) and later in 2004 the National Women’s Football Association. She was still able to earn her Kyokushin black belt in November 2004. In October 2007, after training with Sensei Joy Williamson at Sun Dragon, she earned her shodan black belt in Seido Karate from Jun Shihan Nancy Lanoue of Thousand Waves Martial Arts, and her nidan black belt in July of 2010 at Honbu in New York. Senpai KJ has also studied Judo, Kajukenbo, and Tai Chi.

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