Some Thoughts on Sparring

From Freesparring Workshop
NWMAF Special Training 85
Simo Coleen Gragen

Sparring – such a petty little word for such a tremendous human experience – working together with another human being to retrieve your sleeping instincts while consciously creating new instincts by the power of your mind.

Helping each other learn to survive and flourish is something that would only be done between people who trusted each other. Sparring is an act of solidarity.

I realize that there are people in this world who think of themselves as my enemy – human beings motivated by greed, ignorance, ego, lust for power, insanity. I understand that I’m preparing myself to choose my own life over theirs if they force that choice on me.

In understanding that the people in this room that I will spar with are not my enemies, but my trusted friends, I will let go of fear and commit myself to a bond of sisterhood and trust.

What we do here we do not only for ourselves, but in the name of many centuries of women who have been abused, dominated and enslaved by the use of physical force. We are involved in an historic process. Our work here is an evolutionary milestone for the human race. We are creating a gift for future generations of women by developing a science that will help enable them to remain free from physical abuse and emotional intimidation.

As I begin sparring, I make the following commitments:

  • To appreciate the good technique of my partners and to feel a sense of victory for women as a whole when I see or feel good technique.
  • To trust the purity of intention of my partner. If I am hit hard, I will believe that it was an accident stemming from weakness. I will forgive everything and I will use everything that happens as a lesson in perfection of my fighting spirit and technique.
  • I will let go of false roles and seek to be neither the controller or the slave. I will pursue perfection of technique and allow my partner to do the same. I will seek to stay grounded in my own original nature and not be drawn into the rhythm, style, or mindset of my partner.
  • I will avoid indirect manipulation of my partner through emotional games and will seek to be honest and direct with her at all times.