Kickathon Registration Instructions


1. Visit Sun Dragon’s Kickathon 2020 page at

 2. Click on “Register for This Event”

3. Select “Continue as Individual Fundraiser”

4. Select which kind of participant you’d like to register as.

5. Fill out the required information. 

6. Fill out the required billing information. 

7. Then complete your registration!

8. From the next screen, you can select a couple options to finish personalizing your fundraising page. You can upload your own avatar (or use the default icon we provided), update your fundraising page, and more. We have pre-populated your fundraising page with some information about the fundraiser, so if you aren’t up for writing your own page, you don’t have to! 

Need help? Reach out to Senpai Wil.


1. Visit Sun Dragon’s Kickathon 2020 page at 

2. Click on “Register for This Event”

3. Click “Create a Team”

4. Pick how many teammates are on your team, then name your team, and fill out the required information.

5. Fill out the billing information, and complete your registration. You are the Team Captain of your Team.  

6. From here, you have a few options! You will still need to finish your TEAM FUNDRAISING PAGE – This is the page you and your teammates will send to potential donors in order to raise money. In order to do this, select “View Your Fundraising Dashboard”, towards the bottom of these options. 

7. From there, select “My Registration” from the menu on the left hand side. On the resulting page, you can then select “Edit My Team Page” from the menu on the left hand side. 

8. We have pre-populated content on your team page, but if you wish, you can personalize it to make it your own. 

9. Share your Team Page to fundraise!

If you would like to add multiple participants to your team, so each can fundraise individually…

1. Go to your Fundraising Dashboard when you log into QGiv.

2. Click on “Manage Registrations”. Then, click “Add Additional Registrant”.

3. Then, select “Join Team As A Fundraiser”. Click “Continue”.

4. Fill out the required information. Now you have a new team member!

5. In order to access your Team Member individual pages for fundraising, go to “Our Team”. From there, scroll down, and click on “My Team Members”. Click on the individual team member to reach their page.

Need help? Reach out to Senpai Wil.