Kickathon Copy

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Hi Friends and Family!

If you didn’t know, my family and I are involved with a local feminist, inclusive, and nonprofit organization called Sun Dragon Martial Arts & Self Defense. While this is my martial arts school, they’re also an organization that works to give self defense and violence prevention skills to people that need them.

Most of the teachers and assistants are volunteers, and we give scholarships to other students who wouldn’t normally be able to take a self defense workshop or join a karate program. This fundraiser, Kickathon, is our annual fundraiser to provide low-to-no cost workshops to the Austin community, and to give tuition scholarships to students so anyone can train with us – regardless of their financial circumstances.

Every year our school relies on Kickathon in order to grow and keep giving back to the people of Austin. We would greatly appreciate your help with a donation, and by spreading this fundraising page to other people who might be interested in helping us out.

Thank you so much for reading, and for your help in reaching our goal.