Learn Self Defense

Sun Dragon provides personal safety training and violence prevention workshops for people of all ages and all genders. We believe that an individual is most likely to make the best decisions in threatening situations when she or he has developed a variety of responses, including assertive boundary setting, conflict resolution techniques, and physical defense skills.

Upcoming Workshops:

  • Saturday Sept 20 — Kids Anti-Bullying & Self Confidence workshops during our usual kids karate times. These workshops are free for current Sun Dragon students; current students do not need to register, just attend your usual class time.
  1. 10:00am-10:45: Grades 1 & 2: We will learn and practice ways to feel safe, strong, and confident going into the new school year. We will practice verbal assertiveness and conflict resolution skills as well as escapes from grabs and physical defense skills. ($5)  Register Grades 1&2
  2. 11:00am-12:00: we will learn and practice ways to feel safe, strong, and confident going into the new school year. We will practice verbal assertiveness and conflict resolution skills, escapes from grabs and physical defense skills. ($10)  Register Grades 3+
  3. Noon-12:30: We will learn about feeling strong, safe, and respected. We will practice using our bodies and our words to to feel confident and safe in the new school year. ($5)  Register Age 4/Kindergarten
  • Sunday Sept 28, 3:00-4:30 — Parents & Preschoolers workshop: This hour and a half long workshop will be be fun for parents and kiddos alike! We will talk about self confidence, conflict resolution, self control, and personal safety. We will play games, make new friends, and learn a lot about integrating safety into our daily lives. ($20 for kid + adult) Register
  • Saturday Oct 4, 3:30-6:30 – Self-Empowerment & Personal Safety workshop for women & teen girls (ages 15+)
    In this workshop there will be an emphasis on relationship safety issues and gender-based harassment that women and girls encounter. We will practice ways to confront gender-based harassment, using your body and voice to feel stronger and safer. Practice scenarios will include: school, work, dating/relationships, social situations, and public situations. Participants will leave the course with a variety of options for assertiveness, deescalation, and intervention. Cost: $35 for 1 person, $50 for 2 people, $75 for 3 people ($25 for current Sun Dragon students)  Register

You can see and register for any of our upcoming workshops by clicking here.

Email Carmel Drewes (carmel@sundragon.org) Anti-Violence Programs Coordinator, for more information or to arrange a workshop in your community.

Host a Workshop for your office, school, church, or community group

Sun Dragon offers a variety of standard self-defense workshops to meet the needs of diverse populations. We can also develop a custom package to meet your specific needs. Contact us online or call 416-9735 to schedule a class. Registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations receive an automatic 10% discount; any group may apply for a need-based scholarship.

Bullying prevention and everyday safety for children offers elementary-age children tools to recognize danger signs, get help from safe adults, and speak out against violence. Instruction is fun and age-appropriate. Children will practice strong body language, effective verbal skills, escapes from grabs, and how to fight back in an emergency.                                                                    1 1/2 hours. $200 for a group of 10-20.

Dating safety for teen girls or mother/daughter groups focuses on how to identify warning signs of sexual harassment and relationship violence. Teens will learn how to stand up for themselves, watch out for each other, escape from a variety of grabs, and fight back if necessary. 2 hours. $250 for a group of 10-25.

Basic safety skills for women or mixed groups, teens and adults. This course covers awareness, assessing your risks, setting boundaries, conflict resolution, escaping from grabs, and fighting back effectively. 3 hours. $375 for a group of 10-30.

Self Defense intensive training covers basic skills, plus falling safely, fighting from the ground, defending against armed attackers, and multiple attackers. 9 hours. $775 for a group of 10-20.

Contact us online or call (512)416-9735 for more information on scheduling a class.