New to Karate?

At Sun Dragon, we study a style of karate called Seido (say-doe); a style focused on mindfulness, inclusiveness, adaptability, and accessibility. You can read more about Seido karate at the World Seido Karate website.

Martial arts training at Sun Dragon is about non-violence. While training to fight, we also train to avoid physical confrontations. Living in strength and peace is always our goal. Knowing a variety of ways to defend ourselves serves that goal.

Your First Class

Your first class is always free! Adult classes marked “all levels” or “white belt” and any kid class with “white belt” in the name is available for trial students. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes, and make sure you take your jewelry off before class. You will also need to fill out one of our student disclaimers. We recommend bringing a water bottle and eating a light snack about an hour before class.

Parents must accompany their own child to their first trial class. Some children are apprehensive to participate at a trial class, that’s okay, they are welcome to watch.

When you come in, please take your shoes off. There are racks for your shoes near the door. You’ll be given a few forms to fill out, so please show up 10-15 minutes before class starts. Then you’ll line up with the other students, and class will begin! Don’t worry – all you need to do is follow along. We’ll do some stretching, and practice some of the basic blocks and strikes, and then work on other things. As a brand-new student, you can’t do anything wrong!

Details About Our Style

If you’re unfamiliar with Seido Karate, or with martial arts in general, here are a few things to keep in mind about our training:

  • Among the things we study are basic movements (strikes, blocks, and footwork,) kata (formal patterns of movement,) self-defense (both formal and practical,) and other forms of partner work (formal combinations, sparring, and strategy.)
  • We primarily study on our feet – punches, kicks, and blocks. More advanced students do study holds, joint locks, and takedowns, but Seido is not a grappling-focused art
  • White belts (beginners) do some pre-sparring training, however sparring basics class is only available to adult blue belts and above and youth yellow belts and above and open sparring starts at green belt. Junior students (blue and yellow belts) only do no or light contact sparring, and there is no contact at all at the pre-sparring level.
  • Weapons work is reserved for senior students.
  • In keeping with Sun Dragon’s non-competitive ethic, we do not participate in tournaments as a school. However, we do not restrict students from participating in tournaments independently if they wish.

The New Member Special

If you decide to continue, you can sign up for the New Member package by paying for 2 months of classes up front. (The New Member Special is only good the day of your trial class!)

Our New Member Special includes:

  • Two months of unlimited training
  • A uniform and patches
  • 1 year membership in the World Seido Organization

As a non-profit, we’ll never ask you to sign a contract, and we offer scholarship and work-study opportunities. We never turn anyone away for inability to pay. Check out our schedule and rates to see what classes will fit your life, then contact us to schedule your first class. We look forward to welcoming you to Sun Dragon!

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