Men & Teen Boys Workshops

At Sun Dragon, we believe that everyone benefits from learning and practicing ways to handle safety and conflict situations in proactive ways. We offer 3 Hour Personal Safety & Self Empowerment Workshops for people age 15+ who identify as men, teen boys, transmen, genderqueer, gender fluid, male-presenting…

Why work with guys?

1. Violence and disrespect don’t happen in a vacuum, in order for things to change in our society, we need to involve everyone.
2. Men and boys experience sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and childhood sexual and physical abuse. And they don’t have many supportive places to talk about that abuse.
3. Men and boys are pressured to resolve conflict by fighting. They are often taught that walking away means they are weak and not “real men”.
4. Gay men, trans & gender non-conforming people, men of color, men with disabilities, immigrant men, and others are targets of hate crime violence, harassment, and discrimination.
5. Men and boys are more likely to be perpetrators of sexual and partner violence. They face pressure to participate in gender-based violence or look the other way.

Learn and practice skills for assessing a situation, verbal assertiveness and deescalation, and intervention. Feel stronger and more confident in everyday situations while also preparing for potentially dangerous situations.

$45 for one person | $35 each for more than one registering together |$25 for current Sun Dragon students/members

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