Kickathon 2018

Kickathon is our annual fundraiser! Donations help fund Sun Dragon’s scholarships and community outreach programs, making sure non-violent Seido karate and empowerment self defense are available to all, regardless of personal finances.

In the weeks before the event, students engage in active fundraising to reach their personal financial and sponsorship goals. The day of the event, participants of different age levels get to complete their own kicking marathons and participate in a community potluck. For some of us it’s our favorite day of the year!

Go here for Kickathon registration instructions.

2018 Kickathon: Saturday November 3

  • 10:00am-1:00pm
  • LOCATION MAP: Zilker Park
  • Our goal this year is $25,000
  • All karate students can participate in Kickathon, from our Little Dragons & new students of all ranks to our Black Belts
  • There are no classes at the dojo that day

ALL KIDS: If you get FIVE sponsors you get to come to the Kid’s Party!

JUNIORS & YOUTH: If you get TEN sponsors you get to break a board at Kickathon!

Corporate Sponsorship

We are seeking donations from corporate sponsors to help support our cause! Any level of support is welcome and all donations are tax deductible, but the following levels of recognition are being offered for this event:

$250 – your name and logo on Sun Dragon’s website and your name on the back of the Sun Dragon Kickathon T-shirt.

$500 – in addition to the website and T-shirt, your name and logo will be included on Sun Dragon’s annual calendar and promotional materials for the year, and you will have a 1 hour focused violence prevention workshop for you and your company.

$1000 – in addition to the previous benefits, you or your company will received a three-hour self defense workshop for up to 20 people, which is a $350 value in itself.

If you are a business who would like to sponsor the Kickathon or if you are interested in making a donation, please contact us at: gro.n1569195471ogard1569195471nus@o1569195471fni :1569195471liamE1569195471.

Talk to William MouradianSensei Joy, Senpai Laura if you have any questions.

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