Kickathon 2017

Kickathon 2013 2Kickathon is our annual fundraiser. Donations help fund Sun Dragon’s scholarships and community outreach programs, making sure non-violent Seido karate and empowerment self defense are available to all, regardless of personal finances.

2017 Kickathon: Saturday April 22

  • 10:00am-1:00pm
  • LOCATION MAP: Zilker Park – Polo Picnic Area
  • Our goal this year is $25,000
  • All karate students can participate in Kickathon, from our Little Dragons & new students of all ranks to our Black Belts
  • There are no classes at the dojo that day

ALL KIDS: If you get FIVE sponsors you get to come to the Kid’s Party!

JUNIORS & YOUTH: If you get TEN sponsors you get to break a board at Kickathon!

If you have received a cash or check donation and want to know how to credit it to your fundraising goal, click here for instructions.

If you want to help support another kicker, click here to donate. Search This Event at the top of the screen to find the name of the person you want to sponsor.

Set up your personal fundraising page here:

Click here for more instructions on how to register.

Talk to Sensei Joy or a Senpai if you have any questions. Contact Wil if you want to volunteer to help the day of the event.

Kickathon 2013 4Kickathon 2013