Kickathon Registration Instructions

Kickathon Registration Instructions

The money we raise supports Sun Dragon’s scholarship and outreach programs. Fundraising is easy – just follow the instructions here to set up your personal website where you can email friends and family and keep track of your sponsors.

  1. Visit click on “Register”
  2. Select “Register as a Fundraising Participant”. Enter your email address. If registering a team, this email address will be the Administrative Role for the team! QGiv will then prompt you to create an account – be sure to write down your password!
  3. Select your registration type: individual or team. Select “Team” if you are registering siblings or your family – you will still have a single login.
  4. Create your Team Name and Fundraising Goal
  5. Enter your personal information – if you are registering a Team, don’t worry about the additional fundraising goal. An individual “Admin” account is required to have a Team Page, but you don’t need to use it to help fundraise! You’ll use your Team Page.
  6. Select your t-shirt sizes. Be sure all shirts are accounted for!
  7. Verify your contact and payment method information on this screen and complete registration. Press ‘go back’ to fix any errors.
  8. On the Thank You screen, click on the link at the middle of the screen to to complete your profile.
  9. From the Fundraising Dashboard you can personalize your profile, email pledgers, review and enter pledges, and manage your team settings.
  10. Press “Personal Website” to personalize the website that your pledgers will see when they come to pledge money to you. If you are participating in the sparring or kata challenges, here is where you would put that information.
  11. If setting up a team page, press “Team Settings” and then “Team Website” to set up your team page. This page looks almost exactly like the “Personal Website” personalization page so you may enter some information twice.  You will enter a team URL on this page: make note of it so you can send the link to friends and family – if you’re on this team, this is the page you should use to fundraise!


If you’re on a team and want to recognize each kicker on your team individually…


  1. Log in to your QGiv page.
  2. Go to “My Fundraising Tools”, then select “Fundraising Dashboard”. 
  3. From there, select “Manage Registrations”. 
  4. Click “Add Additional Registrant”. Then, Select NON FUNDRAISING PARTICIPANT. You already paid for your team’s kickers, and this selection ensures you don’t have to pay again. 
  5. Fill out the required information, then complete registration!

If you need to populate your fundraising page but don’t know where to start, feel free to use these paragraphs to get started (or in their entirety)! Click here.

 If you have any questions or cannot register online, please contact the office.