Personal Safety & Prevention of Identity Based Violence

We offer 3 Hour Personal Safety & Self Empowerment Workshops for people of all genders age 15+

In this 3-hour workshop students will learn strategies to deal with situations of disrespect, harassment, and abuse that they face or witness others facing. Through discussions, interactive activities, and hands-on practice, participants will gain skills to maximize their safety and ability to advocate for targeted communities in a variety of situations.

Specific areas of focus include:
* Assertive communication and de-escalation skills to challenge Islamophobia, homophobia, transphobia, racism, and other bigoted speech
* Bystander intervention techniques
* Easy-to-learn physical techniques to fight back against physical or sexual assault
* Strategies to heal when you’ve been the victim of violence
* How to be an advocate for targeted communities

$45 for one person | $35 each for more than one registering together | $25 for current Sun Dragon students

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