Dojo Etiquette

Starting anything new can be daunting. Knowing what the rules are can go a long way towards easing your transition into Seido Karate and can make the lives of your fellow karatekas more pleasant, not to mention your own!


Please wear shoes to the dojo, but then please remove your shoes upon entering the dojo. They may be placed in one of the three shoe racks/benches in the front of the dojo. This helps keep the floor of the dojo clean. It is also Japanese custom.

Arrive 10-15 minutes before class starts. This will allow enough time to change into your uniform, fill your water bottle, and do any stretching you like to do.

On the other hand, please do not come to class more than 10 minutes late. If you do come late, once you are ready to join class, say ‘osu!’ loudly, kneel to the side of the training floor, and close your eyes for meditation. The instructor will call you to the floor.

For strong training, do not come to class hungry, but also do not come with a heavily full stomach. Fresh fruit or a protein bar make an excellent pre-class meal if you are in need of food.

Bring water to class, but do not bring disposable water bottles. Use a re-usable bottle.

Be sure to inform the instructor of any injuries you may have so that they may suggest alternatives to keep you safe.

Keep your uniform clean and good smelling, but please avoid heavily perfumed detergents and fabric softeners. Likewise, avoid strong perfumes and other body products. Strong smells in either direction are a detraction from good training!

Please wear a shirt beneath your gi top. Keep your gi clean and wrinkle-free. Repairs to the gi are acceptable. Do not wear your gi outside the dojo.

Only wear your karate belt during class. Do not wear it at other times or as a toy or prop. Do not wash your belt or allow it to drag on the floor.

Do not wear jewelry in class.

Karate is always performed in bare feet and we do a lot of kicking, so try to maintain good foot hygiene (and safety!) by keeping your toenails clipped and your feet clean.

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If there is a class ongoing while you are waiting for yours to begin, please refrain from loud talking. If a class is engaged in their meditation, please refrain from speaking at all until they are finished. Also, refrain from using profanity while in the dojo: it is disrespectful to the spirit of the dojo as well as the people within it.

Do not talk or kiai when an instructor is talking, but do kneel to allow everyone to see.
When an instructor gives instruction in class, everyone is to loudly say “Osu!” in response. If an instructor addresses a student directly, the student will respond with “Osu Senpai!” or “Osu Sensei!”

When lining up for class, always go behind the other students to find your place in line, and say “Osu” to the students to either side of your place to let them know to make space for you.

Read the manual frequently to keep up with your belt level’s requirements.

Be sure to turn off or silence your cell phone before beginning class.

There are other businesses surrounding Sun Dragon. If they are in operation at the time of your class, please try not to park directly in front of them: there are often many spaces around the building available.

Following these rules will help ensure that you and your fellow karatekas will have a safe and pleasant training experience!

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